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The collection collects pre-prints (Green OA) or final versions (Golden OA) of scholarly publications authored by WKU faculty and staff. The authors retain the copyright and grant permissions to WKU Library to distribute versions of their scholarly works by strictly following publishers' policies as well as the Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China.

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2020An improved solution for partner selection of industry-university cooperationRan, Congjing ; Song, Kai ; Yang, Le 
2020Profiling analysis of Web of Science journal articles on intellectual propertyRan, Congjing ; He, Mengting ; Yang, Le 
2020The impact of social media influencers on purchase intention towards cosmetic products in ChinaMarjerison, Rob K. ; Huang, Yipei ; Chen, Rongjuan 
2020Volatility of other comprehensive income and audit fees: Evidence from ChinaRahman, Md. J. ; Wu, Tong 
2020The effects of corporate governance and managerial compensation on financial fraud: Evidence from ChinaRahman, Md. J. ; Ying, Yixuan 
2008Lesson from jeepney industry in the PhilippinesChiu, Candy L. 
2016Privacy, security, infrastructure, and cost issues in internet banking in the Philippines: Initial trust formationChiu, Candy L. ; Chiu, Jason L. ; Mansumitrchai, Somkiat 
2017Analysis of used cars remanufacturing in the Philippines using rapid plant assessmentChiu, Jason L. ; Chiu, Candy L. 
2019Understanding the role of attitude components in co-branding: A comparison of Spanish and Taiwanese consumersHo, Han-Chiang ; Chiu, Candy L. ; Liu, Su-Ping ; Lee, Ling L. ; Lado, Nora ; Cesaronic, Fabrizio 
2019Influence of language of packaging labels on consumers’ buying preferencesHo, Han-Chiang ; Chiu, Candy L. ; Jiang, Dai ; Shen, Jiale ; Xu, Hong 
2016A new complete mitogenome of the critically endangered Chinese pangolin Manis pentadactylaHari, Ranjeev ; Paterson, Ian Charles ; Choo, Siew W. 
2018Conservation genomics reveals possible illegal trade routes and admixture across pangolin lineages in Southeast AsiaNash, Helen C. ; Wirdatet ; Low, Gabriel W. ; Choo, Siew W. ; Chong, Ju Lian ; Semiadi, Gono ; Hari, Ranjeev ; Sulaiman, Muhammad Hafiz ; Turvey, Samuel T. ; Evans, Theodore A. ; Rheindt, Frank E. 
2018Transcriptional responses of Streptococcus gordoniiand Fusobacterium nucleatum to coaggregationMutha, Naresh V. R. ; Mohammed, Waleed K. ; Krasnogor, Natalio ; Tan, Geok Y. A. ; Choo, Siew W. ; Jakubovics, Nicholas S. 
2019Cloud-based class attendance record systemZhang, Huimin ; Feng, Xinlei ; Liu, Hongyu ; Guo, Ping ; Krishanmoorthy, Sujatha ; Zhang, Changjiang 
2020Implementation of image fusion to investigate wall crackKrishnamoorthy, Sujatha ; Zhang, Changjiang ; Zhou, Yanxin 
2020Design and Tuning of Control system for blood Glucose level with artificial pancreas using harmony search AlgorithmSwaroopan, S S Pathamanabha ; Pattanaik, Chinmaya Ranjan ; Reddy, Shiva Shankar ; Devi, E. Ahila ; Krishnamoorthy, Sujatha 
2019Automatic epilepsy detection using hybrid decomposition with multi class support vector methodKrishnamoorthy, Sujatha 
2019Innovative and efficient method of robotics for helping the Parkinson's disease patient using IoT in big data analyticsSivaparthipan, C.B. ; Muthu, Bala Anand ; Manogaran, Gunasekaran ; Maram, Balajee ; Sundarasekar, Revathi ; Krishnamoorthy, Sujatha ; Hsu, Ching‐Hsien ; Chandran, Karthik 
2019A study on ECG signal characterization and practical implementation of some ECG characterization techniquesAppathurai, Ahilan ; Carol, J Jerusalin ; Raja, C ; Daniel, Ashy V ; Malar, A Jasmine Gnana ; Fred, A Lenin ; Krishnamoorthy, Sujatha 
2020Grey wolf optimiser-based feature selection for feature-level multi-focus image fusionKrishnamoorthy, Sujatha ; D. Shalini, Punithavathani ; J. Janet ; S. Venkatalakshmi 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 211