Scholarly Publications 207

The collection collects pre-prints (Green OA) or final versions (Golden OA) of scholarly publications authored by WKU faculty and staff. The authors retain the copyright and grant permissions to WKU Library to distribute versions of their scholarly works by strictly following publishers' policies as well as the Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China.

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2001Kinetics and morphologies of viscoelastic phase separationZhang, Jianing ; Zhang, Zhenli ; Zhang, Hongdong ; Yang, Yuliang 
2020The role of networks, competencies, and IT advancement in innovation performance of foreign-owned subsidiariesDahms, Sven ; Cabrilo, Slaðana ; Kingkaew, Suthikorn 
2020The role of IT practices in facilitating relational and trust capital for superior innovation performance: The case of Taiwanese companiesCabrilo, Sladjana ; Dahms, Sven ; Mutuc, Eugene B. ; Marlin, Janita 
2020The role of multidimensional intellectual capital and organizational learning in innovation performanceCabrilo, Slaðana ; Dahms, Sven 
2019Foreign-owned subsidiary knowledge sourcing: The role of location and expatriatesDahms, Sven 
2019Leadership decisions in foreign subsidiaries of multinational family business groupsChung, Hsi-Mei ; Dahms, Sven 
2019A configurational perspective on subsidiary top management team national diversity and performanceDahms, Sven ; Kingkaew, Suthikorn 
2019Power, CSR strategy, and performance in foreign‐owned subsidiariesDahms, Sven 
2019Explaining autonomy variations across value‐chain activities in foreign‐owned subsidiariesKingkaew, Suthikorn ; Dahms, Sven 
2020The importance of public support in the implementation of green transportation in the smart citiesMao, Jia ; Sun, Qi ; Muthu, BalaAnand ; Krishnamoorthy, Sujatha 
2020Towards taxonomy for cloud computing as business models and deployment: A technical reviewG, Murugan ; Keerthana, N. ; Krishnamoorthy, Sujatha ; Sengan, Sudhakar ; K, Amarendra ; Srinivas, Malladi 
2020Investigation and strategy of intelligent controller (ACBIC) for DC link control in SAPF system for industrial power systemsBalasubramaniam, P. M. ; Sudhakar, S. ; Krishnamoorthy, Sujatha ; Sriram, V. P. ; Dhanaraj, S. ; Subramaniyaswamy, V. 
2020An efficient control strategy of shunt active power filter for asymmetrical load condition using time domain approachBalasubramaniam, P. M. ; Sudhakar, S. ; Krishnamoorthy, Sujatha ; Sriram, V. P. ; Dhanaraj, S. ; Subramaniyaswamy, V. ; Rajesh, T. 
2014Records of Bryozoans in the freshwater reach of the Hudson River EstuaryMichelena, Toby M. ; Ostman, Celeste ; Boylen, Charles W. ; Nierzwicki-Bauer, Sandra A. 
2016Aluminum toxicity risk reduction as a result of reduced acid deposition in adirondack lakes and pondsMichelena, Toby M. ; Farrell, Jeremy L. ; Winkler, David A. ; Goodrich, Christine A. ; Boylen, Charles W. ; Sutherland, James W. ; Nierzwicki-Bauer, Sandra A. 
2019Impacts of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee on the ecology of the Hudson River EstuaryMichelena, Toby M. ; Boylen, Charles W. ; Nierzwicki-Bauer, Sandra A. 
2020Traditional Chinese medicine in emergency treatment: Mechanism and applicationMeng, Yu ; Michelena, Toby M. ; Cai, Fangfang ; Lou, Xinfa ; Li, Shasha ; Zhang, Ruifeng 
2009The ethylene receptor ETR2 delays floral transition and affects starch accumulation in riceWuriyanghan, Hada ; Zhang, Bo ; Cao, Wan-Hong ; Ma, Biao ; Lei, Gang ; Liu, Yun-Feng ; Wei, Wei ; Wu, Hua-Jun ; Chen, Li-Juan ; Chen, Hao‐Wei ; Cao, Yang-Rong ; He, Si-Jie ; Zhang, Wan-Ke ; Wang, Xiu-Jie ; Chen, Shou‐Yi ; Zhang, Jin‐Song 
2011NIMA-related kinase NEK6 affects plant growth and stress response in ArabidopsisZhang, Bo ; Chen, Hao‐Wei ; Mu, Rui‐Ling ; Zhang, Wang‐Ke ; Zhao, Ming‐Yu ; Wei, Wei ; Wang, Fang ; Yu, Hui ; Lei, Gang ; Zou, Hong‐Feng ; Ma, Biao ; Chen, Shou‐Yi ; Zhang, Jin‐Song 
2014Aberrant gene expression in the Arabidopsis SULTR1; 2 mutants suggests a possible regulatory role for this sulfate transporter in response to sulfur nutrient statusZhang, Bo ; Pasini, Rita ; Dan, Hanbin ; Joshi, Naveen ; Zhao, Yihong ; Leustek, Thomas ; Zheng, Zhi-Liang 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 207